Web Application Development

Web applications are software programs, connected to a database, that run from the Internet in a web browser. Different from a software application that is installed on a device and run locally, a web application is accessible from any device with an Internet connection. The web application is run on a web server computer that is specifically designed for the purpose.

Aside from minor differences, a web application will function in the same way on all different hardware (e.g. PC / Mac), operating system (e.g. Windows / iOS / Linux) and browser (e.g. Chrome / Safari / Edge) combinations.

  • generally faster and cheaper to develop than a traditional software application
  • extremely flexible – can be updated remotely and on the fly, evolving as your business requirements change and removing the need for site visits to update individual devices
  • cloud and off-site data back-ups are performed regularly and automatically
  • connecting the web application to other online services (e.g. Google Workspace, Xero, Mailchimp)  is much simpler
  • automation of client-facing processes such as account management, billing and order/job submission
  • no additional fees per user of the web application
  • a fast and reliable Internet connection is essential to allow access to the web application. However, Internet connectivity is generally very good in this modern age, and the web application can also be accessed via the mobile data network.
  • a serious problem with the web server that serves the web application can make the program inaccessible. We avoid this issue by utilising a purpose built web server that guarantees 99.9% uptime.
  • a web application accessed over the Internet will be slightly slower than an application that is hosted or installed locally. With a good Internet connection and a well-engineered web application however, this difference is hardly noticeable.
  • security and limiting access to the system must be taken very seriously as the web application and its data are accessible over the Internet.

We utilise the Rapid Application Development methodology, meaning our process is:

  • Initial meetings and research
  • Scope analysis and definition
  • Design system, database and interface
  • Develop system, database and interface
  • Testing of system, database and interface
  • User testing of system and interface
  • Testing review and final updates
  • Roll out of live system
  • Maintenance and upgrades

The cost to develop a web application can vary greatly depending on its requirements and the scope/size of the finished system. We handle this by having an initial client meeting, determining a broad scope for the project, then doing some research and providing an estimate. A quote can be provided after the scope analysis and definition stage is complete.